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Structured Settlement

Monday, 19 December 2011

 by: avidwan's structured-settlement

A structured settlement also allows for the company makingpayments to pay in payments rather than in a large, lump sum. Todecide if a structured settlement is the right choice for you,consider these factors.

( Often, a structured settlement is one that offers the payment of funds owed in an agreed upon way. It works to allow individuals to receive payments of the money that is owed to them in such cases as a lottery winning or a personal injury lawsuit.

*It is a good choice in circumstances where the individual is on disability,
is incapable of work or has become incompetent.In these cases, it allows for monthly payments to allow care throughout the life time.

A structured settlement allows for individuals to receive payments instead of receiving a lump sum. While a lump sum may allow for more right away, a structured settlement allows for continuous help throughout the course of the repayment terms. 

*In many cases, a structured settlement is one that will allow you to receive monthly payments as opposed to one large lump sum. It is often the case that a lump sum will be worth less than the payments could be over time. It is often the most beneficial in dollar amounts.

*Secondly, it has more tax advantages to it than that of a lump sum payment. It is often structured to include a lesser amount of money going to taxes.*In cases where a wrongful death has happened, it is necessary for the spouse and/or children to receive monthly payments to allow for compensation for wages.

*It is also a benefit in such cases where the money will be needed to make payments. For example, in the payments needed for mortgages and car loans.

Determine which is the right situation for you is something that you and your attorney will need to discuss further. Ask him what a structured settlement can do for you.

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