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Sony’s Battery that Runs on Paper

Thursday, 22 December 2011

It would be very cool to just stick a cardboard square (probably covered in ads) into my cell phone to power it, and it's more environment-friendly than filling a landfill with batteries. It would be ironic to start producing paper to power electronics, instead of electronics being used as a reason to not use paper.
The development of bio-batteries is now pushed to a new level, after electronics giant Sony announced that it has developed a battery powered by paper. The batteries were demonstrated at the Eco-Products exhibition in Tokyo, where they have successfully powered a mini fan to work. Sony’s actually utilizes cellulose enzymes to accomplish this technology: after breaking down the paper, the enzymes were left with sugar that had been created from the cellulose; and then the sugar is processed to create hydrogen ions and electrons. Theoretically, a piece of A4 paper is expected to produce about 18 watts of electricity, equivalent to the electricity power of six AA batteries. But currently the electricity power we get is fewer than that, which is also a drawback of this bio-battery.
Designer: Sony

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